Important Campus Updates:

Annual Emergency Response Drill 2019
Notice: There will be an emergency evacuation drill on July 23, 2019 at 12:30 PM for all of those who are on campus. Attendance for those on-site is mandatory, thank you for your corporation.
CiAM Receives 6 Year Accreditation from The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
California Institute of Advanced Management (CiAM), one of the leading experiential-learning based education institutions in the world, the Best MBA Program of the San Gabriel Valley according to Reader's Choice Awards, and Southern California's leading hands-on graduate school, announces that it has received a 6-year accreditation, the maximum amount allowed, from the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).
CiAM Grand Opening 2018
The 2018 Grand Opening Ceremony was a huge success! CiAM is delighted to officially announce the new campus on May 31st, 2018. The grand opening ceremony was a joint event with the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce, Temple City Chamber of Commerce, Alhambra Chamber of Commerce, and Pasadena Chamber of Commerce all participating for a wonderful afternoon of festivities.

Upcoming Events

Recent News Stories:

Presentation: "FirstNet, A Public-Private Technology Partnership" by Tim Trager
Technology has driven a migration from the traditional office environment to a world of mobility. With the introduction of the smartphone in 2010...
Presentation: "A/B Testing The Whats and the Hows" by Mohammad Asghari
A/B testing is an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal...
Presentation: "Angel Investing Issue and Answers" by Mike Napoli
What angel investors are looking for when thinking about investing in a company. Topics will include...
Presentation: "LEADERSHIP AND MEDIA ENGAGEMENT" by Lee Reynolds
The presentation covers the essential elements of effective leadership in the 21st century and overcoming the challenges of the Millennial generation.
Presentation: "The Importance of the Break Even Analysis" by Joseph Cabral
One of the important indicators of success of the start-up company is the time from starting the business until the moment when revenues of product sales equals the total costs associated with the sale of product – it is also called break-even point. In other words profit = 0.
Presentation: "Practical Steps for Successful International Trade" by Ali Moradi Biroun
Mr. Ali Moradi Biroun will discuss challenges and opportunities in the import-export business, including but not limited to sourcing goods and selling them across international borders, and getting the bests price on both sides of the trade.