Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes Knowledge Survey 2017-2018Today’s institutions of higher learning are being asked to document that they are producing value to their students.  Quality graduate business programs must identify what they expect students to be able to do or was skills they are expected to learn in their courses.   These quantitative measurements of learning are called Student Learning Outcomes and they are developed with a direct link to the overall mission of the institution.

Students in each of the courses at CiAM are provided a survey instrument at the beginning and at the end of each course.  The 4 point survey instrument contains the ten Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) for each course.  The range of responses are (1) “I know nothing about this topic”; (2) “I have heard of this or can do the task with significant research”; (3) “I can do this with a boost”; and finally, (4) “I can do this task fully, right now”.  Upon completion of the surveys, an analysis is conducted to determine the average change in perceived student learning for all ten SLO’s of a course.  The CiAM goal is to have the “Post Knowledge” average score” to be at least one point higher than the “Pre Knowledge” average score”.  This was achieved in the most recent group of graduates, verifying that students from CiAM’s MBA program are able to identify that they have achieved a level of skills or increased knowledge by enrolling in, and completing, each of the courses in the CiAM MBA program.

For more information regarding the results of this survey, please contact Dr. Eric McLaughlin, Vice President / CAO / Director of Institutional Research at [email protected].