Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

information for the CiAM campus community

Latest News:

Updated May 27th, 2020

CiAM will follow LA County's "Safer at Home"order and the campus will remain closed until at least August 1st, 2020 (subject to changes based on updated guidelines).  Remote instruction will continue through the Summer and Fall terms.


April 8, 2020
Office of the President


Dear CiAM Community,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make continual adjustments to our operations.  Please see updates below: 


CiAM offices will remain closed until April 30, 2020 (subject to changes based on updated guidelines).  Staff members are working normal hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30a-5:30p) and are available to assist students and faculty virtually. 


All Summer 2020 term face-to-face classes will be held virtually at the regularly scheduled class times.  Attendance is mandatory and your professor will provide you with videoconferencing instructions.  There are no changes to the Fall 2020 term at this time. 


We are currently gathering information in order to make the best decision relating to this year’s Graduation ceremony.  Details will be announced at a later date. 

We are a Community that cares about each other and we will get through these challenging times together. 

Students, thank you for your commitment and resilience to your studies. 

Faculty, thank you for your teaching flexibility and care for your students. 

Staff, thank you for your support and dedication to CiAM’s vision and mission. 

Especially in times of crisis, we are proud that our students and graduates will promote the public good and serve humanity through responsible leadership.  Every CiAM Community member contributes to this goal and I am appreciative of all that you do. 

Please be well and take care.


Jennie Ta


Student FAQs Relating to COVID-19

What if I am having trouble accessing my classes?

Please contact [email protected] right away if your experience any issues accessing your classes. Please also review the email sent to all students from the Dean, Dr. Magill, discussing class troubleshooting and attendance requirements.

What if I can no longer afford tuition payments?

Please contact Vivian from the Cashier’s Office at [email protected]. Each situation is being considered individually.

What if I am feeling unsafe?

As in any crisis, a general feeling of uncertainty is to be expected. However, if you find yourself feeling unsafe for any reason, please be sure to reach out to the proper websites and/or authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information and recommendations.  If your circumstance involves immediate danger to yourself or others, please immediately call 911 or go report your issue to the nearest authorities. If it involves anyone here at CiAM, or affects your ability to be present in your studies, also contact your Student Success team as soon as possible. We are here to help.  If you are feeling targeted/threatened for any reason, it is best to remove yourself from the situation to avoid any escalating tensions and to preserve your safety as quickly as possible.

(INTERNATIONAL) How is my F-1 Status impacted by online classes during COVID-19?

SEVP has given CiAM permission to deliver our current classes online due the COVID-19 pandemic. International students who remain full-time students making progress towards their degree will remain in active F-1 status and taking online classes will not be a violation of status.

(INTERNATIONAL) What if I want to take Summer 2020 off? How will that affect my F-1 status?

International students must remain full-time students making progress towards their degrees to remain in the US. If you wish to take Summer 2020 off, your I-20 will be terminated, and you will have 15 days to leave the US. When you return for Fall 2020, we will apply for re-activation of your I-20 and you can return up to 30-days before the Fall 2020 start date which is September 5, 2020. However, if travel restrictions are still in place you may need to postpone an additional term or take online classes from your home country.

(INTERNATIONAL) What if I want to return home? Can I study from my home country?

Yes, if you wish to return to your home country during this pandemic you may continue studying at CiAM during this time. International students can even remain in Active F-1 status as long as they remain full-time students, making progress towards their degree. You will still be required to continue turning in homework and attending classes virtually. However, if the travel restrictions lift and classes resume on-ground, you will need to return in time for classes. Before you travel please review travel restrictions very carefully.

(INTERNATIONAL) What if my parents are telling me to return home to my home country? What are my options?

You can return home and continue studying with CiAM or you can take a Leave of Absence for Summer 2020. See above answers for more details. Before you travel please review travel restrictions very carefully.

(INTERNATIONAL) What if my CPT has been affected by this pandemic?

Please contact [email protected] immediately if there are any changes in your employment.