Programs Offered at CIAM

CiAM Graduates 2016

MBA in Executive Management & Entrepreneurship

The Master’s Degree program prepares students with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand, manage or create financial, business, and leadership careers in executive management and entrepreneurship.  The program provides the tools for business and leadership professionals to develop knowledge, attitudes, and skill sets that will equip them to perform effectively, ethically, and creativity in the corporate or entrepreneurial environment.  Read more about the Executive Management & Entrepreneurship program!

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Leadership/Corporate Training Program

Intensive Workshops in Change Management and Leadership Available 

The Change Management and Leadership program is an option that provides an affordable comprehensive executive workshop for up to fifty employees of corporations and non-profit organizations. Incorporating the ideas and concepts of Peter Drucker, the CIAM difference is based on his insight that “Management is about human beings,” and the task of management is to bring people together to reach a common objective. Our clients enjoy the benefits of consistent training across all locations, as well as the flexibility of choosing a delivery method that suits their needs on-site or online. Wherever our client divisions are located, we are there to support them. Learn about the Leadership/Corporate Training Program...