Our Mission and Values

About Us:

Drucker believed that leaders in management could “advance the basic beliefs of our society, to contribute to its stability, strength and harmony.” 

In this spirit, by offering hands-on learning, CiAM seeks to empower leaders to make a difference in their lives, organizations and communities.

Our Vision:

A world where our graduates promote the public good and serve humanity.

our Mission:

Building upon the philosophy of Peter F. Drucker, through classroom and online learning, we produce successful, responsible, globally oriented leaders who are rooted in practice.

Mission Objectives:

  • To offer educational programs that are accessible. 
  • To provide our students with real-world, hands-on experience.
  • To advocate Management as a Liberal Art (MLA) to instill a sense of social responsibility in our students.

CiAM's 7th Annual Commencement: Graduating Class of 2019
CiAM's 7th Annual Commencement: Graduating Class of 2019

CiAM's 6th Annual Commencement: Graduating Class of 2018
CiAM's 6th Annual Commencement: Graduating Class of 2018

Core Values:

  • Human Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Citizenship
  • Empowerment


We at CiAM, are a team that embraces a teaching and learning culture that:

  • adapts to change and turns challenges into opportunities.
  • pursues excellence through continuous learning and self-development.
  • thrives by our autonomous efforts and succeeds through our collaborative endeavors.
  • believes that management facilitates diversity to serve the common good.
  • advocates real-world experience that leads to real results.
  • works with our strengths, opportunities, and resources.
  • empowers leaders to create social impact.
  • takes great talent and unconditional support and respect to foster innovation and positivity.
  • engages in honest constructive communication that creates and open dynamic environment for new ideas.
  • is accountable to our students and all stakeholders. 
  • responds effectively to meet our mission and objectives.
  • is determined, dedicated, and driven.

CiAM's First Graduating Class (2013) - Jennie Ta, President (right); Penny li, Director of Admissions (left)
CiAM's First Graduating Class (2013) - Jennie Ta, President (right); Penny li, Director of Admissions (left)

A Message from Our President:

Jennie Ta, MBA, President of CIAM“The California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) has one goal: to give you the opportunity to create your own future in the setting of your choice. To accomplish this we have built our courses and our program around what managers and entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Top executives and future employers today understand that today’s essential employees--who Peter F. Drucker, The Father of Modern Management, called “knowledge workers”-- cannot be managed, but must be led. Moreover, this leadership role can only be accomplished by managers who not only have MBAs, but also have perspective  anchored in experience and in a wide range of disciplines. What you have already learned in life and in college, no matter what your major, and what you have gained from interacting with others in the past, are the doors to opportunity. The CIAM MBA gives you the keys to open these doors by building on your personal world setting.”

- Jennie Ta, MBA, President of CIAM

About Jennie Ta:

Jennie Ta is a co-founder of CIAM.  She served as CIAM’s Vice President of Administration/CFO since January 2015, having previously served as Director of Administration/CFO since January 2011. Prior to joining CIAM, she served as Assistant Manager and climbing the ranks to Assistant General Manager at Real Mex Restaurants. She was responsible for all aspects of operations such as training, profit and loss, administration, inventory control, and more.  Prior to that, Jennie was Coordinator in the Tuition Assistance department and then Financial Aid Advisor at Touro University International. She has experience in administrative and organizational management in different industries for well over a decade. She was one of five “Rising Star” finalists for LABJ’s 2013 Women Making A Difference Awards. She earned her MBA in 2013.