Career Development

The Career Development Process

The career development process begins as soon as you enter school. It starts with exploring your interests, skills, and narrowing your options and finding the right fit. As graduate students, you have developed your careers and gained experienced. You have also learned that the learning process is life-long. Every experience you have at CIAM helps define where you want to go next. Start here by reviewing the process. Then dig into the site to learn more. 

Past Career Center Events:

How to Turn Your Resume Into a Job Offer Machine - Feb. 24, 2018

Resumes, Letters and Profiles

Resumes, Letters and Profiles

Conducting your job search is essentially marketing yourself, thus your resume, cover letter, online profiles and references — including social sites and employer application sites — are your most powerful tools. They do the talking before you have a chance to meet face-to-face and become the means in how you brand yourself.

Like other career skills, it just takes practice and a little brainstorming.

Self -exploration

By reflecting on your values, interests, personality traits and skills (VIPS), you gain insight that can help you uncover your optimal career path and work environment.

  • VIPs
  • Transferable Skills
  • Self-Assessments
  • Assessment Inventories

We can help.

Career Services is here to help you assess your values, interests, personality and skills as you begin to make decisions about majors and your future career.



Organizations use interviews to determine if you are the best fit for the job. Give yourself an advantage by understanding what to expect at an interview from impressing recruiters during an initial meeting to managing job offers.​​​​​​



Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job. Determining who to network with and how to communicate professionally is important and the resources here will help you make connections that stick. Networking involves meeting people as well as social media.

LinkedIn is a great resource for finding connections, industry groups, and businesses.

Online Presence

Online Presence

Maximize your online presence by enhancing the information employers and recruiters can easily find online. Be sure your online image represents you professionally and consistently remember it is part of your brand. Social media is a great tool for both networking and job searching.

Meet with a Career Advisor


Enrich your knowledge of the workplace, grow your network and transition from college to career with our array of tips, educational programs, and resources. It's never too early to plan to advance.

Get Ready

Prepare to begin a successful career. From developing strategies to get you noticed to learning how to integrate with your new team, being mindful as you begin a job or internship experience will help you pave your way forward.

We're here to help.

From managing job offers to preparing for your first professional experiences, we're here to help you along on your way. Get in touch with a career advisor at:

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