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What Everyone Ought To Know About the Modern Education System
Most people don’t realize this, but the current education system was created during the industrial revolution. At first this may sound surprising, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you look at not only what subjects are taught in school, but also how they are taught.
MLA’s Procedure and its Future
If you agree with Peter Drucker, Professor Henry Mintzberg, and a growing number of academics and practitioners, management is a liberal art, and managerial decision making should not be made solely, or even primarily by crunching and analyzing numbers to spit out solutions.
Peter Drucker’s Fourth Essential of Management Practiced as a Liberal Art
It is little known, but Peter Drucker, “the father of modern management,” wrote in his book The New Realities that management was a liberal art and listed four essentials required for practicing management without using quantitative methods as the single approach.
How Self Knowledge Can Help Guarantee Success for MLA
Peter Drucker listed only four essentials required for management as a liberal art, that breakthrough method of management known as MLA. Self-Knowledge is the one essential that is absolutely needed to assure success.
How to Gain Real Wisdom, without Real Experience, with MLA
The acquisition of wisdom is important for making successful decisions and accomplishing just about any human endeavor, whether at work, something in our personal lives...READ MORE.
The Wisdom Needed for MLA and How to Acquire It
MLA is an exciting new way of managing that emphasizes liberal arts and is superior to using numbers alone for profits and managerial decision-making...
The Future of the MBA
For business schools around the country, business is anything but usual. Since fewer Americans are willing to drop out of a strong economy to earn a graduate degree, enrollment in MBA programs is shrinking...READ MORE.