Spooky Times: Halloween 2020

By Sammi Scott, Registrar

On Tuesday October 27, the CiAM Team dressed up in their spookiest costumes and participated in an exciting team building event (via the proper social distancing method Zoom of course!).

Halloween has always been a treasured part of CiAM’s culture. Each year the student halls get decorated with the craziest and spookiest decorations we can find.

(CiAM Campus Halloween 2019)

Most decorations end up coming from our Presidents (Jennie Ta’s) personal storage. You see, she’s the inspiration behind CiAM’s dedication to the holiday. With each passing year, her costumes get crazier and more elaborate. Every year, the staff try their hardest to outdo her and steal her spot on the Halloween costume contest throne. Every year, we fail. Some Halloween Costume highlights include: Edward Scissor Hands, Freddy Krueger, Animal from the Muppets, a sparkly unicorn, and many more. In 2018, President Jennie Ta showed up to campus dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things. The staff all collectively held their breath. While this was a fantastic costume, it lacked the more elaborate details we were used to seeing from her costumes. Could this be it? Could this be the year someone else finally took the throne? Alas, it was not to be. Halfway through the Halloween party, she stepped and returned wearing a handmade Demogorgon costume. We were defeated once again.

In 2019, our Registrar, Sammi Scott, ran a murder mystery event. Complete with outrageous voices and hand gestures. With Elsa Myers, our Admissions Specialist at the time, as the hidden killer among the crowd everyone received a role and a clue. They broke out into spirited talks and tried to determine 1) MURDER 2) WEAPON and 3) MOTIVE. By the end of the night no one was able to correctly guess all three and such the murder walked away with the prize! As you can image everyone was eagerly looking forward to redeeming themselves this year and we weren’t about to let COIVD-19 stop us!

This year we enlisted the help of Teambuilding™ to host a spectacular event: Murder Mystery in Ancient Egypt!

The event started off with our Classic Halloween Costume Party. And President Jennie Ta did not disappoint (though she did have trouble seeing the screen through her makeup)! She kept her coveted spot on the throne with her “Demon in Transition” costume:

"Demon in Transition" by Jennie Ta

Taking 2nd place was one of our adjunct faculty, Dr. Gregory Zerovnik, as a Jedi!
And in 3rd place was our Student Success Coordinator, Luke Stuard, as Darth Studious!

"Jedi" by Dr. Gregory Zerovnik
"Darth Studious" by Luke Stuard

Some other honorable mentions include a Zombie, Link, Waldo, Bulletin Board, Goldfish Geisha, Yoda, Wilson the Volleyball, Siracha, “Mike in Jail for Throwing Clementines”, Under the Weather, Guy wearing a sombrero, and a Sailor!


Once the winners had been determined it was time for the main event! We hopped onto a new Zoom call and met our Murderologists, Leo & Kris. 


We were immediately split into four teams ready to battle it out and solve this murder:

  • Throwing Clementines
  • The Spooookies
  • Geisha Force
  • Rosetta Stones

Kris & Leo lead us along a dramatic tale surrounding the death of ancient Pharaoh Ramesses III. They were fun and upbeat and kept everyone on track and engaged. Teams would race to solve puzzles to earn extra clues. It was a close race, but eventually The Spoookies came through with the win by guessing the murderer and motive the closest. The Spooookies were led by Team Captain Dr. Andress Walker (Adjunct Faculty) and supported by other team members: Jennie Ta (President), Dr. Laila Bakry (Adjunct Faculty), and Dr. Howard Meiseles (Adjunct Faculty).

The CiAM team wants to send out a huge thank you to Kris & Leo from Teambuilding™ for helping us run a smooth and fun event! While Halloween was a little different than normal we were still able to keep it safe, fun, and entertaining.  Learn More about Teambuilding™ here: https://teambuilding.com/

And who knows, maybe we can beat President Jennie Ta’s costume next year!

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