Campus Newsletter - May 2021: What's New at MLARI?


From Management as a Liberal Art Research Institute (MLARI)

It's been a busy Winter and early Spring at MLARI! Here are some exciting developments and new projects:

  • Train the Trainer (TTT) Course: We launched our 2021 TTT course for the faculty and staff of CiAM in March. TTT provides an in-depth study of Management as a Liberal Art (MLA), entailing 15 sessions devoted to various topics such as Drucker's concept of a Functioning Society, using Social Ecology to deal with crisis and change, and the role of values and ethics in leadership and decision making. We've already had some great discussions during our first two sessions.
  • Updated MLA Reader: The MLA reader has been updated for use by faculty and students at CiAM. This resource is a collection of articles by Peter Drucker and others that discuss various aspects of MLA. Faculty can draw on this electronic resource for reading assignments, and students can delve into the material to get a deeper understanding of MLA.
  • Student Orientation on MLA: We're putting the finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation for new CiAM students to give them an overview of MLA. Students can watch the presentation and learn about key concepts behind MLA, as well as a little about methodologies for implementing MLA.
  • New Articles: You will find some new articles and brief essays on the CiAM website:
    • These blogs view current events and topics on interest through the lens of MLA. For example, "Do Women Exemplify MLA Leadership?" and "Anti-Asian Hate and Drucker's Functioning Society" show the currency of MLA in today's world.

I'm excited to be directing the research activities at MLARI and supporting CiAM's needs. Looking forward to a productive 2021!
Karen Linkletter
Acting Research Director, MLARI

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