Campus Newsletter - June 2021: Student Success

CiAM continues to be concerned the racism, bigotry, and violence that our Asian American and Pacific Islander friends, students, and colleagues are experiencing. We want to support, stand in solidarity, and offer resources for support.


Asian American Healing Space

Once a month, they share in a guided meditation, reflective reading, and community healing space to reflect on our own identities and challenges in this time: how are we feeling, how do we show up in community, and how can we support and uplift each other? This space is for anyone who identifies as Asian American and is looking for a sacred space to come home and connect with self. Come sit and breathe with them.
•    Every 4th Sunday evening of the month. @8 – 10 PM EST. 
•    Sign up or check out the dates here.

Asian Immigrants and Students Wellness and Support

In response to the recent events of racism against Asian immigrants in America, Cathay Psychological Institute decided to put together a monthly event in 2021 that’s free for anyone who would like to join, learn and support one another. This resource is accessible to any Asian immigrant who needs mental and emotional support, or just a little pick me up.
Sessions are monitored and facilitated by Dr. John (Kailei) Zhang, a licensed psychologist and founder of Cathay Psychological Institute in California. What you will discuss: racism, stress management, psychological well-being, culture and community adaptation, life events, career transition, and answering your questions!
•    Sign up or check out the dates here.

Yellow Glitter Sparkles

Yellow Glitter Sparkles is a monthly support group, bringing together queer Asians in a safe, no-judgment environment to share stories, struggles, laughter, and tears with each other. We start off with a short mindfulness exercise and then get into our group discussion. Each month explores different topics shared by our members.
•    Tickets and spaces are limited to ensure all attendees have ample time to share – RSVP in advance.
•    Sign up or check out the dates here.

How to Protect Your Mental Health While Fighting Racial Injustice

This article shares strategies on how to manage the effects of racial injustice, and advice for coping. This resource provides a list of organizations, guides, videos, and more for people fighting racial and social injustice.

Mental Health Resources for Young People of Color

This article provides an extensive list of organizations, digital resources and videos, support groups, and therapy directories to help support the mental health of young people of color. This resource also provides a list of Instagram accounts of mental health educators, therapists of color, and community support pages.

Bystander Intervention Training;

Reporting an incident: (booklets in 9 languages)

Safety Tips:


The history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans


Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Confronting COVID-19-Related Harassment in Schools

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