Try one full MBA course Before You Commit.

Online or On Campus
This offer is available for both the online and on-campus version of our MBA.

Textbooks Included
Textbooks are included at no additional cost.

Graduate in 12-Months
The full-time MBA can be completed in as little as 12 MONTHS!

What is "Try Before Buy"?

The Try Before Buy (TBB) program allows students to take one trial course at CIAM, differing the tuition costs until after they have completed the course*. If the student wishes to continue with the MBA program at the end of the course, they are then responsible for the tuition of the first course as part of their full degree. If the student chooses not to continue with their education here at CIAM, they are not responsible for any tuition costs of the first course but have had an incredibly valuable learning experience. Over 80% of our TBB candidates went on to complete their MBA programs, earning a degree for life!


Are there any costs involved?

Yes, students applying for the TBB program are responsible for a non-refundable application fee of $150, $100 of which will be applied towards their tuition cost upon enrollment.

Will the TBB experience be Different?

No, TBB students are considered full CIAM MBA students and are expected to perform just as a regularly enrolled student. TBB students will have full access to all course materials, assignments, and will be assigned to group projects with other students.

CIAM Graduating Class of 2015.
CIAM Graduating Class of 2015.

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*This offer is not available for International Students who wish to study in the US.