Transfer Students

Transfer and Returning Students

Traditional admission requirements apply to both transfer and returning students. Click the button below to view admission and application requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Transfer and Award of Credit Policy

Transfer and Award of Credit Policy

Students wishing to transfer credits to CIAM from another institution must request that an official transcript from the issuing institution(s) be provided directly to CIAM for evaluation. At the minimum, transfer of credit from one institution to another involves at least three considerations:

  1. The educational quality of the learning experience which the student transfers
  2. The comparability of the nature, content, and level of the learning experience to that offered by the receiving institution
  3. The appropriateness and applicability of the learning experience to the programs offered by the receiving institution

Course credit is granted for graduate courses satisfactorily completed with a grade of “B” or better at accredited institutions when such courses are no older than seven years and cover the same material or equivalent material as one or more courses in the CIAM program. A maximum of two courses, six semester units or equivalent can be transferred in light of the student’s educational goals.

CIAM will charge a $25.00 flat, non-refundable fee for transfer credits. Be aware that transcript evaluation may take several weeks or more after receiving official transcript(s) and completed request form. Transfer credit is not counted towards a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), but is counted towards the “Pace of Progression” and the maximum time frame allowed for completion of the program.

If the student is dissatisfied with the number of transfer credits awarded, he/she can appeal to the Academic Council. The Academic Council will respond to the student within 10 working days. The request/complaint must be made within two weeks of the student receiving approval of the transfer credit. CIAM does not award any credit for prior experiential learning, challenge examinations or achievement tests.

In addition to official credentials (transcripts, certificates, diplomas, and degrees) a course-by-course credential evaluation is required of all students who have obtained their undergraduate degree out of the United States. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain this evaluation and to provide the evaluation service with official transcripts. Please refer to to select an evaluation service. The evaluation must also be received in the original sealed envelope from the approved evaluation service selected. The approved evaluation services are listed at are not related to CIAM, and CIAM makes no representations or warranties on their behalf. Any fees for the evaluation service will be the responsibility of the student.

Returning Students

Returning Students

Reinstatement Criteria

If the student seeks to return to CIAM, he or she must file an application for reinstatement, presenting a plan that he or she is likely to succeed. The student must have had accumulated a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of at least 3.0, if courses were taken at another institution. These transfer courses are not calculated in the students’ Cumulative GPA but will count towards the Pace of Progression. CIAM is not obliged to grant reinstatement requests.