Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

CiAM is committed to creating a fair experience for all applicants.  We value a diverse community, and therefore our admissions policies are designed to attract students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Candidates for admission are evaluated holistically based on their merits and potential to succeed at CiAM.  For admissions decisions, we use information from academic performance, work experience, leadership positions, extracurricular interests, unique talents, and the personal interview.  We consider the applicant as a whole individual, not select parts such as GPA or GRE/GMAT test scores.  Efforts are made to match the candidate’s expectation with that of the CiAM MBA program design.

The review process cannot begin until a student’s application file is complete.

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and at least one year of professional experience is required.  

How Your Application is Considered

In our admissions process, we give careful, individual attention to each applicant. We seek to identify students who show perseverance and growth and those who will enrich one another, their professors, and the culture at CiAM.  We seek individuals who will inspire those around them during their CiAM years and beyond.
Selection is based on a holistic review, both academic and personal information, that is presented in the application.  Holistic review refers to the process of evaluating applications where no one piece of information is weighted more heavily over another, but emphasis is placed on academic preparedness, perseverance and potential contribution to the campus and beyond. This is why it is so important to address each section of the application thoughtfully and thoroughly.

The goal of our selection process is to identify applicants who are most likely to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and entrepreneurial community, and the world at large.

The following areas are considered in the review of the personal statement and the application:

Growth and potential

  • Professional and personal accomplishments 
  • Initiative, motivation and inspiration
  • Goals and interests
  • Expected goals and contributions for the next 5,10 or 25 years
  • Self-development goals
  • Intentions for a graduate education

Interests and activities

  • Intellectual, professional and personal passions and interests 
  • Learned experiences from successes and failures
  • Commitment to leadership

Character and personality

  • Choices in life and their reasons
  • Openness to new ideas and people
  • Appearance and poise
  • Communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Grace under pressure
  • Aspiration to contribute to CiAM community 

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Application Instructions

Application Requirements:

  • Online Application Form (CLICK HERE)
  • Current Resume
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Passport
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Official Transcripts or Official Foreign Transcript Evaluation
  • Admissions Interview

  Download Application Checklist Here 

Explanation of the Statement of Purpose:

A 300-500-word statement of purpose describing and explaining the applicant's unique experiences, interest in CiAM’s MBA program and how they feel their own vision and goals fit with CiAM’s mission, vision, values statements, and the cultural statement shown below.

(format: double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, PDF/Word format).

Additional Guidelines to the applicant:

Each candidate’s statement of purpose is unique and, as such, there is no fixed content. However, in general terms, the statement of purpose is designed for CiAM Admissions to get to know you and to confirm that you are a good fit for the program and vice versa. (i.e. that you understand the program and that its curriculum is a good match for your goals). As such, use your statement of purpose is an opportunity not only to demonstrate your ability to create a well-written, viable, and cohesive narrative, but also to show us how you have succeeded and/ or managed to overcome challenges in your life and to “connect the dots” between the program and your goals by explaining in detail HOW you believe that the program can help you to reach those goals.

To that end, please be sure that your statement of purpose helps CiAM Admissions to understand your motivation in applying to the program, i.e. what you hope to achieve therefrom. Examples might include some depth related to: academic growth, personal growth, professional development, skill enhancement, community service, leadership, etc.

Additionally—and perhaps most importantly—the statement of purpose should clearly, and in some detail, explain HOW you believe that the program’s content will aid in your goals, and how you feel this will help you contribute to the community. Examples might include: expanding on existing skills/knowledge, developing new skills/knowledge, contextualizing existing experience with new modes of thinking, broadening scope, etc.  This type of statement can only be crafted in relation to the program’s current content, and so please take time to review the “Course Descriptions” section of the program’s “Curriculum” page on the website and ensure that your answers directly relate to the courses and their content.  

One of the ways to test that your statement of purpose contains the minimum requisite elements is to ask yourself: Does it answer all of the following questions (directly below)?  And, does it do so with a solid level of articulation, depth, and quality?

  • How will the program help you to achieve your educational goals?
  • How will the program help you to achieve your career goals?
  • How will the program’s curriculum help to achieve these goals?
  • How will the program help you in your goals to contribute to the community?
  • What do you hope to gain from the MBA program?

Please review CiAM’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Cultural Statement to write a personal statement on how you embody these values currently, in the program at CiAM, and in your future.

Profile of a Student


CiAM looks for purposeful and inspired professionals.

Deciding to obtain an MBA degree is a significant endeavor. It is a big commitment to invest in a program with a rigorous curriculum with a demanding time requirement. You should expect a time commitment of at least 15 hours every week per course outside of class during the program. This entails significant planning considering other job and personal responsibilities. Planning prior to the start of classes is highly recommended.

Innovate, Inspire and Achieve

Admission into CiAM entails more than academic statistics. To be at CiAM requires grit, passion, and a drive to contribute back to society. Whether the student is a first-generation graduate student or comes from a family with a tradition of professional education, he/she can find opportunity to grow and contribute at CiAM.
Our students bring to campus their inspiration, creativity and a commitment for success.

Program Composition

CiAM’s current student body is growing, so its composition is increasingly diverse with each incoming class. Students represent diverse backgrounds, including 14 countries, 38 different institutions and 85 organizations. Women represent 70% of the students. There is slight increase of students from the arts and social sciences for 2019. The average age is 28 years of age.

As a unique school of applied business and management, CiAM prepares its graduates to achieve success in their professional careers, and to be contributors to the local and global communities

Rigorous academic work and real business consulting experience—with strict measures of performance— are combined to create a foundation for success, acquaint students with the professional environment, the business community, and to cultivate students to have purpose and a positive influence in their local and global communities.

Student Cultural Statement

At CiAM, I am…

…adaptable to change and I turn challenges into opportunities.

…pursue excellence through continuous learning and self-development.

…thrive by my autonomous efforts and succeed through my collaborative endeavors.

…believe that management facilitates diversity to serve the greater and common good.

…advocate real-world experience that leads to real results.

…work with my strengths, opportunities, and resources.

…empower leaders to create social impact.

…take great talent and unconditional support and respect to foster innovation and positivity.

…engage in honest constructive communication that creates an open dynamic environment for new ideas.

… accountable to my peers, faculty, and clients. I respond effectively to meet my and my teams’ goals and objectives.

…determined, dedicated, and driven.

I Innovate, Inspire and Achieve.

Profile of a Graduate


Graduates of CiAM will:

Demonstrate Effective Communication Skills by:

  • Delivering effective presentations.
  • Effectively utilizing technology. 
  • Producing professional-quality business documents.

Demonstrate the Skills to Be an Effective Team Member in an Organizational Setting by:

  • Achieving common team goals in a timely manner.

Apply the Principles of Management as a Liberal Art (MLA) Demonstrating Leadership Practices by:

  • Applying MLA in a business setting.
  • Applying the principles of business ethics in managerial settings.
  • Increasing the consulting clients’ awareness of societal impact through the consulting projects.

Apply Analytic Skills in the Global Environment to Successfully Execute Consulting Projects and Case Analyses by: 

  • Identifying problems, analyzing the quality of evidence and undertaking appropriate recommendations and/or solutions.
  • Integrating a focus on societal impact and human dignity in the design of experiential learning assignments.  
  • Conducting effective interviews of business professionals.  
  • Gathering, analyzing, and appropriately applying industry research material in the production of their analyses.
  • Applying the conceptual and discipline-specific skills in each course.  

A graduate of CiAM exemplifies leadership for the 21st century showing a mastery of communication skills, a creative and analytical approach to problem-solving, perseverance for innovation, and notwithstanding an intention on social enterprise and a commitment to responsible practice.

Application Dates

2020-2021 Application Periods:

CiAM has rolling admissions and flexible application periods, so you can start your application anytime! If you are interested in applying to CiAM, please see the terms available for 2020-2021 listed below. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at anytime, we are always happy to help!

2-Year MBA Program:

Only Available Full-time, Hybrid (on-Campus)

  • Fall 2020
    • Student Orientation: Aug 21st, 2020
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Sept 5th, 2020
  • Spring 2021
    • Student Orientation: Dec 18th, 2020
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Jan 9th, 2021
  • Summer 2021
    • Student Orientation: Apr 23rd, 2021
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): May 8th, 2021

Online MBA:

Only Available 100% online, Full-time

  • Term A - 2021
    • Student Orientation: Jan 6th, 2021
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Jan 9th, 2021
  • Term B - 2021
    • Student Orientation: N/A
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Apr 3rd, 2021
  • Term C - 2021
    • Student Orientation: Jun 25th, 2021
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Jun 26​​​​​​​th, 2021
  • Term D - 2021
    • Student Orientation: N/A
    • Term Start (First Day of Class): Sep 18th, 2021

*100% Online not available to International Students, please contact us for full details.

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Written Tesimonials

  • Edward Martinez (Graduated in Apr, 2014)
    "The guidance and expertise of the university’s professors and the incorporation of some of the country’s top researchers and executives into an already revolutionary pedagogy built on the philosophy and principles of Peter F. Drucker, the “Father of Modern Management,” has transformed how I manage and operate my business. The university’s unique teaching structure has contributed to the enhancement of my leadership and communication skills through every consulting engagement and exposure to the “real-world experience.”
  • Srini Santhanam (Graduated in Sep, 2014)
    "The CIAM MBA program has given me insight into various gaps which I might have not seen, in terms of running a business. CIAM has taught me how to keep the customer in mind, which will grow the business and to keep the relationship for the long term, as customer development is the business! Now the great thing about the CIAM MBA program is that I experienced real life clients and real life situations through the student consulting. I was personally involved with 12 consulting clients which gave me exposure to twelve different industries. At any other university, I would not have had this exposure to the consulting client element because other universities are not doing what CIAM is doing: real-world consulting, including experiential learning and thinking on your feet. That is what makes this program unique."
  • Truong Trinh (Graduated in Jun, 2015)
    "It has been invigorating... There is a lot of work, but it is great learning experience. The Consulting Reports have really forced me to think outside the box. I believe this is a phenomenal program and would highly recommend it to others."
  • Miranda Lam (Graduated in Jun, 2015)
    "I have gained so much since the start of my MBA pursuit at CIAM. The education I have obtained thus far is very enriching, practical, and empowering. Specifically, I was given valuable lessons on how executive managers and entrepreneurs succeed in their field. Prior to pursuing my CIAM MBA, I had several years of professional experience in the Life Science and Information Science fields. I was content at being lead and managed, and I did not have the audacity to be the leader, the innovator, or much less be the entrepreneur-- NOT until now. It seems as though I discovered a new self--that is, the business side of myself. CIAM’s rigorous, dynamic courses challenged me to perform in many areas, from public speaking to conducting and producing professional business consulting reports. I am very grateful for the education I have received at CIAM."

Video Testimonials