Degree Program Requirements

Degree Program Requirements

A master's degree in business administration with a concentration in project management requires 36 total credit hours. This includes 9 credit hours of vocationally-focused concentration classes. This full-time program offers courses two at a time, offered in 16-week or 8-week (accelerated) formats.


  1. PM501: Project Management Fundamentals - Learn about the role of the project manager and the four project life cycle phases. Credits:3.0
  2. PM502: Project Management in Practice - Explore the key concepts and emerging trends associated with each of the ten project management knowledge areas. Credits:3.0
  3. PM503: Organizational Project Management - Learn how to adapt and align project, program, and portfolio management practices with organizational strategy. Credits:3.0



In addition to the three concentration courses, there are nine 3.0 credit MBA core courses covering the following subjects: 

  1. ACC501: Accounting for Decision Making
  2. BUS501: Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
  3. DRU505: Leadership and Ethics
  4. FIN501: Corporate Finance
  5. IS501: Management of Information Systems
  6. MGT501: Management and Organizational Behavior
  7. MKT501: Marketing Management
  8. OPS501: Operations Management
  9. MGT511: Strategic Management

Total Credits for MBA in Project Management: 36.0

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

CiAM is committed to creating a fair experience for all applicants.  We value a diverse community, and therefore our admissions policies are designed to attract students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Candidates for admission are evaluated holistically based on their merits and potential to succeed at CiAM.  For admissions decisions, we use information from academic performance, work experience, leadership positions, extracurricular interests, unique talents, and the personal interview.  We consider the applicant as a whole individual, not select parts such as GPA or GRE/GMAT test scores.  Efforts are made to match the candidate’s expectation with that of the CiAM MBA program design.

The review process cannot begin until a student’s application file is complete.

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and at least one year of professional experience is required.  

How Your Application is Considered

In our admissions process, we give careful, individual attention to each applicant. We seek to identify students who show perseverance and growth and those who will enrich one another, their professors, and the culture at CiAM.  We seek individuals who will inspire those around them during their CiAM years and beyond.
Selection is based on a holistic review, both academic and personal information, that is presented in the application.  Holistic review refers to the process of evaluating applications where no one piece of information is weighted more heavily over another, but emphasis is placed on academic preparedness, perseverance and potential contribution to the campus and beyond. This is why it is so important to address each section of the application thoughtfully and thoroughly.

The goal of our selection process is to identify applicants who are most likely to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and entrepreneurial community, and the world at large.

The following areas are considered in the review of the personal statement and the application:

Growth and potential

  • Professional and personal accomplishments 
  • Initiative, motivation and inspiration
  • Goals and interests
  • Expected goals and contributions for the next 5,10 or 25 years
  • Self-development goals
  • Intentions for a graduate education

Interests and activities

  • Intellectual, professional and personal passions and interests 
  • Learned experiences from successes and failures
  • Commitment to leadership

Character and personality

  • Choices in life and their reasons
  • Openness to new ideas and people
  • Appearance and poise
  • Communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Grace under pressure
  • Aspiration to contribute to CiAM community 

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