Extensive Curriculum

Our program offers three training modules, each of which consists of 4 courses with 11 lessons - 6 are taught through in-class sessions plus 5 through online instruction.

Convenience And Flexibility

Everything from content, delivery format, and location can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Experienced Instructors

All training faculty have doctorates and extensive actual business experience; bringing real-world experience, expertise, and insight into the classroom. 

End-to-End Service

Our dedicated team can handle all the logistics to ensure your satisfaction. 

High Value Versus Cost

Affordable for corporations of all sizes - no extras for textbooks, no hidden fees, no transparent pricing model.


New Programs

Customized Short Courses For Your Employees

Stay at the forefront of key and trending business issues with our customized certificate programs, a collection of short courses offered in an accelerated format to accommodate busy schedules. Please call (626) 350-1500 ext. 114 for more information. 

Client Testimonial
"Seeding an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a significant endeavor that involves substantial risk and your consulting has provided us with concrete guidance and tangible tools to help us move forward. Moreover, CIAM's insight and research validated the scope and feasibility of Proyecto FEMSA as a sustainable endeavor with potential enduring impact. I am happy to have had your team work with my team on this project in our efforts to promote greater social impact. I look forward to engaging in future collaborations with CIAM."

- Dr. Francisco Suarez Hernandez
Sustainability Director



Whether you want to update your employees' skills, or prepare them for career advancement, CIAM Corporate Training Programs deliver training that is tailored to fit your needs, time frame, and budget.

Choose from any program or course we have available or design a program to suit your exact needs and requirements. Partnering with CIAM for training brings you:

  • Immediate return on your training investment
  • Better trained and more productive workforce
  • Courses hold graduate level weight and quality
  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention
  • Enterprise-wide training with global reach capacity

Delivery Options

  • Individual Courses (4 to 51 contact hours)
  • Certificate Programs
    In-depth treatment of specific knowledge area (150 to 200 hours)
  • Specialized Studies
    Three to five classes in specific knowledge areas
  • Online (instructor-led asynchronous or synchronous training)
  • Hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online)
  • More (any combination of the above)


Available Programs

Below is a partial listing of the training programs we've delivered to companies on-site, on-campus, or remotely. In addition, any of CIAM MBA courses offerings are available to be customized for your organization.

  • 360 Degree Assessments
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Change Management
  • Contract Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Lean Operations
  • Organizational Leadership and Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Succession Planning


Training Process

Our reputation for excellence, emphasis on results, and breadth and depth of experience make us the ideal partner for your training needs. We offer a complimentary five-step assessment and implementation process for ensuring improved productivity and bottom line results.

  1. Needs Assessment: The foundation for creating the customized training solution that will best accommodate your specific learning objectives.
  2. Customization: We produce a tailored program that will have an immediate impact on performance.
  3. Standardization: We include any required company processes and systems in the curriculum.
  4. Logistics: Our dedicated customer service professionals handle all of the logistics of your training program.
  5. Delivery: We deliver our programs anywhere across the globe.

From initial consultation through final assessment, our corporate training team remains involved every step of the way to ensure your total satisfaction. Your success is our top priority.

Sample Outline of Training Modules:

Here is an example of training modules consisting of CIAM courses tailored to the client’s organization.

Module 1

  • DRU501 Drucker on Leadership
  • DRU502 Drucker on Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • OPS501 Operations Management
  • MKT501 Drucker on Marketing

Module 2

  • MGT501 Drucker on Management and Organizational Behavior
  • ETH501 The Critical Importance of Management Ethics
  • FIN501 Drucker on Corporate Finance
  • IB 501 International Management Concept

Module 3

  • ACC501 Drucker on Accounting For Decision Making
  • IS501 Management of Information Systems
  • BUS501 Quantitative Analysis for Management Decisions
  • MGT511 Strategy and Research

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Consultation Request

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Our Corporate Training Team can bring any certificate program, course, and/or specialized study into your company. We have flexible class sizes, though a typical training program consists of 6-12 students. CIAM Corporate Programs Division would be happy to provide the marketing tools and informational sessions to help generate interest in the program(s) at your location.

Unlike unaccredited training organizations, CIAM Corporate Training Programs have the accrediting body approved curriculum and provide your employees all the benefits of graduate level quality courses. Additionally, our courses may also qualify for tuition reimbursement, please contact us to see if we meet the needs of your organization.

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