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PRoBONO Business Consulting: The Basics

Our classes integrate the best aspects of classroom and online instruction, but at the center of each class is real-world experience through consulting. Here are the basics about the consulting projects:

  • CiAM Consulting Project duration is 7 - 15 weeks depending on the length of the class.
  • Client expected to be available to student teams for a total of 4 - 5 hours during the during the course of the consulting project.
  • Client or a representative is expected to be present for their consulting project presentation and Q & A, which typically lasts at most 45 minutes, in person or by video conference.
  • Client receives their complete consulting report documenting the work done as well as their team’s conclusions and recommendations.
  • CiAM MBA student teams usually consist of 4 - 5 members.
  • All facets of client consulting project guided by a CiAM Professor and the professional business consultants of our Consulting Institute.
  • The student team presentation is to occur during the last weekend (hybrid) or last day of the scheduled online course.
  • All students are expected to participate in the consulting client presentation.
  • The presentation date is to be coordinated with the course’s faculty for approval to eliminate any possible duplication of scheduled presentation times.

The Consulting Institute

The Consulting Institute

The Consulting Institute monitors and guides our students while they are engaged in the consulting projects, ensuring the highest quality is provided for all parties involved. The Consulting Institute is lead by Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD. Dr. Johnson has been a consultant and contract executive for thirty years. During this time, he has consulted in several industries (including the public sector). Dr. Johnson specializes in change management, organizational development, project management, statistical process control, and
financial modeling, and has circumnavigated the globe six times in the process.

Our Mission:

  • Serve client needs to the highest level of excellence attainable, given our time and resource constraints.
  • Provides our students with real-life, real-time applications of the materials taught in CiAM’s MBA courses.
  • Develops student analytic, communication, and leadership skills.
  • CLOSE Dr. Richard Johnson - Professor of Management

    Dr. Richard Johnson

    Professor of Management


    • Ph.D. in Sociology (Organizational Behavior), University of California, Los Angeles
    • Master of Arts in Sociology (Small Group Dynamics, Theory, Research Methods), University of California, Los Angeles
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles

    Dr. Johnson has been a consultant and contract executive for thirty years. His most recent executive assignment was as Chief Administrative Officer for Praxis Associates, a fiber optics engineering and construction company, where he built the Procurement, HR, and legal departments from scratch, oversaw the awarding of $40 million in contracts and the hiring of 70 engineers, managers, and administrators. Over the years Dr. Johnson has consulted in several industries (including the public sector), specializing in change management, organizational development, project management, statistical process control, and financial modeling, circumnavigating the globe six times in the process. In the course of his career, he pioneered the organizational development function at Beckman Instruments, played a key role in the transformation of Pacific Bell following its divestiture from AT&T, and continued to serve other large telecommunications companies as both an organizational and statistical control consultant for two decades. He has served as an interim COO for two companies, including a garment manufacturer in Madagascar employing over 4,000 employees. His primary research interest is the relationship between leadership behavior and effort supply. He is currently writing a book on this topic. Specialization: Management and Organization Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Analysis, and International Business.

    Professor of Management

    Dr. Richard Johnson

  • CLOSE Dr. James Dorsett - Professor of Business

    Dr. James Dorsett

    Professor of Business


    • Doctor of Business Administration in International Business, Argosy University
    • Master of Business Administration, Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania

    Dr. Dorsett received his D.B.A. in International Business from Argosy University and an M.B.A. from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. He brings over 30 years of business experience spanning a broad range of industries in Fortune 500 companies including Rockwell, Harris Corporation, and Avery International in a variety of positions including Contract Administrator, Comptroller, Product Manager and Director of Planning and Development. He has also participated in several start-ups including a mortgage software development company that was the first to create the back-office document process on a PC. Dr. Dorsett spent the last dozen of his corporate years working in a 100% employee-owned company where he became a staunch advocate of the ownership philosophy which posits positive gains in job satisfaction, motivation, organizational commitment, and employee wealth, as well as organizational profitability. Over the last 17 years, Dr. Dorsett has served as a full-time professor at Westwood College where he taught a variety of business courses including both financial and cost accounting, as well as finance; then joining CIAM teaching International Business, Finance, and Accounting for Decision-Making. Dr. Dorsett is a member of the Academy of Management.

    Professor of Business

    Dr. James Dorsett

Client Testimonials

What Clients Say About CIAM Student Consulting Projects:

The below statements are extracts from Client Testimonials. CIAM students have done over 77 consulting reports for local and international businesses.

CiAM Students have consulted for Universal Studios Hollywood“The whole presentation very insightful. They did a very good assessment and provided some excellent recommendation. Some of the recommendations have actually worked. The whole consulting process was very helpful, it gave us an overall look on the business and how it was being conducted. It also gave us a better understanding on how little things, which can be tweaked can make a big difference over time.”

- Lee Reynolds, Senior Manager, Studio Tour

CiAM Students have consulted for American Red Cross“I was impressed that they were able to accomplish so much research in such a short period of time. It was absolutely professional and I enjoyed it very much. I am a fan of consulting and I think this experience here proves that it is worthwhile. I have every intention of coming back here, to the school, in a few months to give the students an update on exactly what information they provided to the Red Cross and how we are using that information to make an impact.”

- Gene Coughlin, Regional Program Director

CiAM Students have consulted for CSUN“The team at CIAM give an in-depth presentation on many different parts of the business. The most interesting part was the Human Resources, because it gave me a different perspective on how approach different tasks at hand with a different point of view. I was blown away by how the students were able to generate so much data in such little time. It was impressive on how they wrote a 100 page report in less than 6 weeks.”

- Joseph Illuminate, Associate Director, Finance & Business Services

CiAM Students have consulted for FEMSA/Coca-Cola"Seeding an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a significant endeavor that involves substantial risk and your consulting has provided us with concrete guidance and tangible tools to help us move forward.  Moreover, CIAM’s insight and research validated the scope and feasibility of Proyecto FEMSA as a sustainable endeavor with potential enduring impact. I am happy to have had your team work with my team on this project in our efforts to promote greater social impact. I look forward to engaging in future collaborations with CIAM.”

- Dr. Francisco Suarez Hernandez, Sustainability Director

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