Winter 2020 - New Student Orientation

Welcome to CiAM! We look forward to having you as a student :) Here's everything you will need to know for the upcoming new student orientation session:

New Student Orientation Session Details

Required Materials
We strongly recommend that you bring the laptop or tablet on the day for instructions on class registration. Email Access
Access Link:
All future communications between you and CiAM will be through this email account. Your username and a temporary password will be sent to you prior to orientation, please be sure to change your temporary password once you log in.

Populi (Student Registration Portal)
Access Link:
You should already have a Populi account before orientation, created when you were enrolled. If not, please contact us.

Canvas (Online learning platform)
Access Link:
The credential for Canvas and Populi are identical. Remember to add a picture to your profile!

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