The Importance of the Break-Even Analysis


  • Presented by: Joseph Cabral
  • Class: ACC 501, Accounting for Decision Making
  • Presentation Date & Time: February 24th, 2019 @ 10:00am PT
  • Event Type: Free Presentation, Open to the Public
  • Location: On Campus - Building A10, 4th Floor, Classroom B

Topic Synopsis:

One of the important indicators of success of the start-up company is the time from starting the business until the moment when revenues of product sales equals the total costs associated with the sale of product – it is also called break-even point. In other words profit = 0. Break even analysis is an accounting tool to help plan and control the business operations. The process of determining the breakeven point is a good time for businesses to assess their true cost of doing business and their prices. Many start-ups don't understand their direct and indirect costs very well. Working on a breakeven analysis will help business owners and managers learn these figures and gain better insight into the accuracy of their prices and how realistic their sales goals are. In this enlightening talk, Mr. Cabral will address the importance of the break even analysis and how business can know its products or services may not be priced well – or needs to work to reduce costs in order to be profitable.

About the Presenter:

Mr. Joe Cabral is retired founder, CEO and board chair of the 100-percent employee- owned Chatsworth Products, Inc., a manufacturer of support products for IT equipment rooms. He is a prominent member of the community in Thousand Oaks California. Since his retirement, he has served in a number of leadership capacities to include Chair, The Employee Ownership Foundation, Board member, Southwest Ventura County YMCA, Member, Board of Directors, CSU-East Bay Alumni Association, and Owner and CFO of the Little School of Music.


How to Attend: Please contact us for full details and parking instructions - (626)350-1500.

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