How Business Analysts help businesses make better decisions

  • Presented by: Jason Geng
  • Class: BUS 501, Quantitative Analysis
  • Professor: Dr. James Dorsett
  • Presentation Date & Time: October 20, 2019, 10:00am PT
  • Event Type: Free Presentation, Open to the Public
  • Location: On-Campus

Topic Synopsis:

A business analyst is in charge of understanding a business’s changing needs and providing technological solutions to improve its processes and systems. This presentation will introduce skill requirements for business analyst, how to apply these skills to help businesses make better decisions.    

About Jason Geng

Jason Geng is the Chair of the board of International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS) and CEO at Data Application Lab. He also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California and California State University at Long Beach. His professional career included research scientist at Texas Transportation Institute and senior AI engineer at Symantec.

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