A historical overview of fiber optic cable technology and its critical importance to the telecommunications industry

  • David-Bell.jpgPresented by: David Bell
  • Class: IS 501, Management of Information Systems
  • Professor: Dr. Douglas Roberts
  • Presentation Date & Time: August 17, 2019, 2:00pm PT
  • Event Type: Free Presentation, Open to the Public
  • Location: In-person, On Campus

Topic Synopsis:

In this presentation, we will examine the critical importance of fiber optic cable technology to modern business enterprises. Rather it be for transporting high speed data between floors in a building or across the world’s oceans, fiber optic technology has revolutionized the way the world communicates. We will discuss the role that fiber optic has historically played in telecommunications, and look at how fiber technology has provided the ultra-high capacity data links needed for such technologies as international telephony, video transmission, and cellular telephones. 

About David Bell:

Mr. David Bell has been in the telecommunications industry for 38 years. Through multiple acquisitions and mergers, he has worked for many of the industry leaders including Rogers Cable, Paragon Cable, Time Warner Communications and Charter Communications. During his career, Mr. Bell has promoted into multiple positions in the planning, design and implementation of high-profile fiber construction projects. This includes the fiber infrastructure for all of the major cellular service providers.  Most recently, he serves as a Regional Construction Supervisor, where he is responsible for setting standards and training for the entire West Region Construction group in Southern California, Arizona and Hawaii.



How to Attend: Please contact us at (626)350-1500 for parking instructions and directions to the classroom.

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