tim-trager-web.jpgFirstNet: A Public-Private Technology Partnership

  • Presented by: Tim Trager
  • Class: IS 501, Information Systems
  • Presentation Date & Time: March 2nd, 2019, 2:00pm PT
  • Event Type: Free Presentation, Open to the Public
  • Location: Live On Campus, Classroom C

Topic Synopsis:

Technology has driven a migration from the traditional office environment to a world of mobility. With the introduction of the smartphone in 2010, the demand for faster mobile wireless networks has driven the cellular industry to deliver faster connectivity at an ever-increasing rate. One segment of the market in the US that has been historically underserved, is public safety and first responders. In this presentation, we will look at an overview of LTE technology, look at the public-private partnership model and draw some parallels to how this system will impact new technology offerings to the public.


About Mr. Tim Trager:

Mr. Trager is the Deputy Division Chief, Information Systems Divisions of the County of San Bernardino; where his duties include responsibility for the public-safety radio system in the largest county in the country. Trager also has experience as a first responder, having served in the California Fire Service for nearly 20 years.


How to Attend: Please contact us at (626)350-1500 for parking instructions and directions to the classroom.

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