CIAM MBA Program Now Online

The CIAM MBA program is a unique program of 12 courses, in which students participate in real-life consulting with up to 12 different companies, one for each course. The addition of the accredited online learning module complements the on campus course, allowing students to collaborate with each other and still experience the learning associated with working with real companies.



California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) is pleased to announce the start of a new online, 11-month Executive and Entrepreneur MBA Program. The start date for this new teaching model is September 9, 2015. This new teaching model for CIAM is an addition to its unique and successful on campus 11-month Executive and Entrepreneurial MBA program.

CIAM’s Executive and Entrepreneurial MBA program consists of 12 courses. During each of the 12 courses, students work with local and international businesses to gain practical, real-world experience in solving internal and external business problems. Upon graduation, students are prepared for consultancy or as problem solvers within their respective organizations or new job opportunities. Students will have 12 on-the-job experiences to add to their portfolios, not just a resume.

CIAM does not use a traditional Fall and Spring enrollment period. New classes start every 7 to 9 weeks. The next 3 starts for 2015 are September 9, November 3, and December 30, 2015.

For more information about this new offering, please contact: Gene Raltz, Director of Institutional Strategy, California Institute of Advanced Management, 9550 Flair Drive, Suite 201, El Monte, CA 91731, Phone 626-350-1500, email: Or contact Penny Li,

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