CIAM was named Best MBA 4 years in a row

by the San Gabriel Valley Newsgroup

CIAM is honored to have achieved this award and would like to thank our community for voting us BEST MBA 2017.

The Real-World Perspective

CIAM is a nonprofit university dedicated to bridging the gap between education and application. Studying business should prepare you for the tough challenges in leadership and the workforce, but the truth is, the old classroom education model only does so much. “On-the-job” experience offers countless opportunities to develop ideas, skills, knowledge, and experience. Wouldn’t this be invaluable for students to obtain before they graduate? Is there a way to provide this experience in a safe academic environment for students to learn and grow? We believe we can offer that experience.

Reconnecting education to real-world demands

Our focus on redesigning education has led us to develop our MBA program with real live business projects built-in to our program. Students work with local businesses to solve actual problems as part of their MBA studies, gaining valuable hands-on experience. During their program at CIAM, our students engage with up to a dozen clients and companies in various industries, which provides a wide range and depth of experience and leads to the development of an
impressive portfolio.

Your Future, our focus

We are here to help students like you earn real business experience to not only succeed but also thrive. We’ve spent 5 years developing this new model that will both serve students with education and experience and serve the local business community. Our tried and true MBA program has caught the eye of professors and students from all over the world. Your CIAM education will be an investment that benefits you throughout your lifetime.


Past student projects:

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