CiAM’s MBA is Now Available 100% Online

California Institute of Advanced Management (CiAM) is now offering our MBA as a fully online 18-Month Program, with classes starting Jan 9th, 2021.

online-mba-article-thumbnail.jpgMost MBA programs teach textbook theory, ours takes you inside real businesses, where you will meet with real business owners, learn their real-world problems, and come up with real solutions. We call this High Impact Learning, and it has been proven to be the most effective way to learn how to run a successful business.

This online master's degree in business administration uses a holistic approach, considering multiple disciplinary perspectives as well as analyzing past and present critical issues alongside future possibilities for management and leadership in business settings. Through peer-to-peer exchanges in online courses, active participation in online discussion forums, group consulting projects, case studies, business simulations, service learning, and critical dialogue and debate, students are prepared to create sustainable and positive change as business leaders.

CiAM is one of the largest private, not-for-profit MBA schools in the greater Southern California region dedicated to finding and educating business leaders for a new world. Traditional MBAs focus on profit and productivity, and a lot of people feel that the leadership from these traditional MBAs has led businesses to make greedy and destructive decisions which are the cause of many of our social problems, problems including homelessness, housing unaffordability, social inequality, management and worker pay gap inequity, and even climate change. We call this Management as a Liberal Art (MLA), a Peter Drucker based philosophy of management.

We forge a new type of business leader. These true global-minded humanitarians understand that the well-being and development of people, working in the communities where they live, is a monumental force for progress and change toward the creation of a more healthy, balanced, sustainable, thriving, prosperous and just society.

If you have any questions about CiAM’s MBA program, please contact us. To learn more about what programs are offered at CiAM, please visit the program offerings page.

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