CiAM Campus Update: Fall 2021 Reopening


Published: May 10th, 2021

Dear CiAM Family,

We are writing you today to share some important information about our plans for the Fall 2021 semester. Before we do this, we must acknowledge the remarkable efforts that our students, faculty, and staff have put forward since the pandemic began last spring. These efforts, consistently put forth during an incredibly stressful time (a time which has included, in some cases, the loss of friends and loved ones) have brought us to the point where we are now.

The latest trends emerging in California during the past few weeks have included the hopeful signs of lower COVID-19 positivity rates, decreases in hospitalizations, and increases in vaccinations. Because of these positive trends, we wanted you to know that we are actively planning and preparing to be back in person for the fall semester — while remaining vigilant in all critical prevention efforts and continuing to prioritize the health and well-being of the CiAM community.


Here are some of the areas of emphasis that we are prioritizing for a successful return to campus in Fall 2021, as we must continue to follow all current protocols and guidance from the state and county: 

  • A return to safe, in-person work for our staff and faculty.
  • A return to safe, in-person instruction in our classrooms.
  • A return to in-person orientations, activities, and events designed to re-engage us all with each other and the campus.
  • Additional offerings for physical and emotional well-being.
  • In-person visits for all academic and student support services.
  • Ongoing strategically targeted public health campaigns, with information provided both in and out of the classroom and displayed prominently throughout campus.

One of the fundamental assumptions guiding our planning is that conditions will continue to improve, and that everyday life will continue to reopen, as we observe all the public health guidelines from the state and the county that are meant to mitigate the spread of virus. It is important to point out that, if conditions change, reopening plans will need to be revised and will be guided by current state and county guidelines. Specific plans for resumption of Fall 2021 classes, including additional safety measures and starting dates, will be announced to coordinate closely with local public health agencies and follow all local and state health guidelines.

We hope you share this feeling of sincere hope and optimism with us; saying we have turned the corner might be going too far, but the hope we have today feels different from the cautious optimism we have had in previous moments along this long and winding road. So, let’s keep working together in achieving this goal of ensuring what we all know CiAM to be: a special place inspiring change through responsible, holistic, and compassionate business management principles for the betterment of humanity.


Juan Garcia & Claudia Sarabia
COVID19 Task Force Co-Chairs

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