CIAM Announces Federal Financial Aid Available

California Institute of Advanced Management announces the approval by the Department of Education to offer student financial aid.


The Department of Education has approved CIAM to offer student financial to eligible students. Until recently, students seeking an MBA with CIAM would need to find alternate sources of funding. Being able to borrow to support an MBA education will help many persons overcome the financial obstacle and pursue the much needed MBA degree.

The CIAM MBA program consists of 12 courses. Each course integrates the classroom with an actual consulting project at a US or international business. Graduates of the CIAM MBA program gain practical experience in a real-world setting, solving problems for real companies. Graduates build their portfolios, not just their resumes. The expertise gained in this unique MBA program includes: leadership, entrepreneurship, executive management, and consultancy.

The cost of the complete CIAM program, including E-textbooks, is $20,000, far lower than the cost to attend another university with a standard MBA program. Students may complete the CIAM MBA in 11 months by taking 2 courses per term, or complete in 22 months by taking 1 course per term. New terms start every 7 to 9 weeks.

The CIAM MBA program is available on campus as well as online. Contact Penny Li at Please visit our website: Or, contact Gene Raltz:; Phone: 626-350-1500.

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