Campus Update: Fall 2021 Safety Protocols

June 18th, 2021

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community,

As we prepare to return to a face-to-face instructional format, the California Institute of Advanced Management (CiAM) would like to provide updates regarding the health and safety protocols guiding our decisions for resuming in-person classes and operations in the upcoming fall term. It is important that we all take seriously the ongoing risk and threat of COVID-19. We must do our part as a university community to help effectively manage and contain its spread by closely adhering to public health guidelines, especially physical distancing, the wearing of face coverings, and staying home if sick or symptomatic. Caring for one another, attending to the unique needs and risks of individual members of our campus community, and reducing the impacts the virus has on underserved communities, communities of color, and the marginalized is a shared responsibility that goes to the heart of our values.

What follows below is an overview of our current planning:

Physical distancing

Prevention remains the best defense against the spread of COVID-19 with physical distancing of at least six feet between you and others being a primary component. Physical distancing policies and practices will be in place across campus. Classrooms, offices, common areas and gathering spaces are being reconfigured to implement capacity limits and enforce distancing.

Hand hygiene 

Thorough handwashing remains a primary method to prevent the spread of illness. Soap and water remain the best method to clean hands. We will also make hand sanitizer more widely available throughout campus, including additional hand sanitizing stations.

Face coverings

Students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear face coverings when indoors (in compliance with CDC guidelines) and when unable to maintain a physical distance of six feet from others outdoors. Face-coverings are not a substitute for physical distancing and frequent handwashing.

Daily screening and symptom monitoring

Each day before coming on to campus, students, faculty, and staff will be screened and required to certify you are not symptomatic, have no fever and have not had contact with any individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. You will be expected to stay home if you are unable to answer in the affirmative to these questions.

COVID-19 contact tracing

Contact tracing and case investigation are especially important tools in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Students, faculty, and staff will be required to report to administrators if they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have tested positive or have had close contact to a confirmed case or travel from an area with a travel warning.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols will be in place for all campus spaces, as well as response procedures for cleaning and disinfection in case of a positive COVID-19 event. The protocols include frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces and common spaces.


New signage is being designed to indicate “traffic” flow into and inside buildings to minimize congestion as well as to remind community members of capacity limits in common areas and.

Our goal is to maximize in-person instruction and experiences to the extent safely possible through a combination of hybrid (mix of in-person and virtual) and virtual courses. Course offerings are being adjusted to comply with physical distancing requirements. In some instances, plexiglass shields may need to be utilized in class environments. We are installing plexiglass screens at open/front desk areas in academic support services.

While campus will look and feel different in this temporary environment from what you have come to expect or have anticipated, we are excited to welcome you this fall as you begin (or continue) your CiAM journey. As we move forward together, I remain grateful for and inspired by the many ways our university community is supporting one another and others during this time of challenge, uncertainty, and difficulty. We will keep you informed as our plans progress.

If you have any questions regarding Fall 2021 safety protocols or reopening procedures, CiAM has setup a dedicated question collection system to better assist you. Please visit the link below to submit any questions you may have and a representative will respond as soon as possible.

Fall 2021: Campus Reopening Question Submission Form:



Dr. Juan Garcia 
Provost/Vice President 
California Institute of Advanced Management 

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