Student Appreciation Day 2016

“All of you as students are very important for what we do at CIAM. As a matter of fact, we would not be here if you were not here. So therefore, I’m here to tell you on behalf of CIAM that we appreciate you and value you, not only today while you are our student, but even when you become our alumni.” -Dr. Harish Amar

Dr. Harish Amar Speaks To Students:

“We are celebrating this Student Appreciation Day to show our appreciation to our outstanding students. Each one of you are brilliant.” -Dr. Harish Amar

Students Honored:

  • Michael Albin
  • Paul Boucher
  • Kathleen Guiang
  • Dan Haste
  • Cari Lyall
  • Elisa Magill
  • Jorge Perez
  • Sammi Scott
  • Brian Tan
  • Erika Tan
  • Hilda Taylor
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