Annual Emergency Response Drill 2019

this-home-fire-drill-can-save-your-family-s-life-ft.jpgNotice: There will be an emergency evacuation drill on July 23, 2019 at 12:30 PM for all of those who are on campus. Attendance for those on-site is mandatory, thank you for your corporation. 

In coordination with the Campus Security Office protocols, there are assigned two Floor Wardens, what CiAM terms as Emergency Coordinators which are Vivian Han and Claudia Sarabia. Available below, and posted in the classrooms, kitchen, and by the exits are our floor plans and evacuation locations; you should find these in each room throughout campus. This indicates the meeting location determined by Campus Security that we are to congregate at in case of an emergency evacuation. 

Please note that campus security is here 24/7, if you should have an inquiry or need to reach the security office please call (626) 300-2211, they are located in Unit 1 on campus. If you have any questions, please let contact us.

Emergency Evacuation Plan and Campus Refuge Area Map 2019

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